0035. Phylogenetic Revision of Eryphanis Boisduval, with a Description of a New Species from Ecuador (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae)

Carla M. Penz


This study provides a species-level phylogeny for the Neotropical brassoline genus Eryphanis Boisduval based on 43 morphological characters. A revised generic definition is given. Three subspecies are elevated to species status and a new species is described; E. bubocula (Butler, 1872), status revised; E. lycomedon (C. Felder and R. Felder, 1862), status revised; E. opimus (Staudinger, 1887), status revised; and E. greeneyi Penz and DeVries, new species. Diagnoses, annotated redescriptions, and illustrations of habitus and genitalia are provided for the nine Eryphanis species.


polyxena; lycomedon; opimus; zolzivora; status revised; Greeney

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