0040. The bees of Greater Puerto Rico (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Anthophila)

Julio A. Genaro, Nico M. Franz


The bee fauna of the Greater Puerto Rico area was studied. A review of the previous relevant studies is presented. An annotated catalog and information about the origin and distributional patterns are also provided. Thirty-nine species of bees occur in Puerto Rico and adjacent islands. This fauna is composed of four elements: exclusive Puerto Rican endemics (26.5%); Antillean endemics occurring on multiple islands (76.5%); continental species that have also colonized the Antilles (23.5%); and species introduced through human activity (12.8%). Thebee fauna was both low in its diversity and showed the highest level of disharmony in relation to other faunas of the Greater Antilles. A lectotype is here designated for Agapostemon krugii Wolcott, 1936.


Apoidea; bees; biodiversity; origin; pattern of distribution; annotated catalog; Puerto Rico; adjacent islands

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