0077. A review of the genus Megalographa Lafontaine and Poole (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae: Plusiinae) with the description of a new species from Costa Rica

J. Donald Lafontaine, J. Bolling Sullivan


The classification of the genus Megalographa Lafontaine and Poole, 1991, is reviewed and the five known species diagnosed. The genus is essentially restricted to the New World, although one species M. biloba (Stephens) is migratory and has occasionally straggled to western Europe. A new species (Megalographa talamanca Lafontaine and Sullivan) endemic to the Talamanca Mountain Range in Costa Rica is described. Adults and genitalia are illustrated.


Megalographa; Lophoplusia; agualaniata; biloba; bonaerensis; culminicola; monoxyla; talamanca

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