0116. Occurrence of the milliped, Hiltonius carpinus carpinus Chamberlin, 1943 (Spirobolida: Spirobolidae), in the United States and new records from Mexico

Rowland M. Shelley


Hiltonius carpinus carpinus Chamberlin, 1943 (Spirobolida: Spirobolidae), is authoritatively recorded from the United States for the first time; it is known only from southern/southeastern Arizona but should be expected in adjoining counties of New Mexico. The northernmost locality is the Pinaleno Mountains, Graham County, and its distribution extends to southern Mexico; the other subspecies, H. c. vulcan (Chamberlin, 1953), occurs in Guatemala. The range of H. c. carpinus includes the type locality of the enigmatic H. fossulifer (Pocock, 1908), lending credence to prior suggestions that the names are synonymous. Three new Mexican states - Durango, Jalisco, and Nuevo León - are documented for H. c. carpinus.

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