0141. Weevils of the genus Cercopeus Schoenherr from South Carolina, USA (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae)

Charles W. O'Brien, Janet C. Ciegler, Jennifer C. Giron


Six new species of the weevil genus Cercopeus Schoenherr are described from South Carolina: C. alexi, C. cornelli, C. femoratus, C. paulus, C. skelleyi, and C. tibialis. Three other species also found in South Carolina are redescribed: C. chrysorrhoeus (Say), C. maspavancus Sleeper, and C. strigicollis Sleeper. Keys to known males and females of all 17 species of Cercopeus are given, along with photographs of habitus, leg features, and antennae, and line illustrations of genitalia. Nearly all specimens of the new species were collected from January-March and these species are winter active.


Cercopeus; Curculionidae; Entiminae; new species; leaf litter; key

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