0142. Review of Synapsis Bates (Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae: Coprini), with description of a new species

Jiri Zidek, Svatopluk Pokorny


Presented are a checklist, a discussion of and keys to species groups and their constituent species, and a description of one new species: Synapsis horaki. The species Synapsis cambeforti Krikken and S. thoas Sharp are synonymized with S. ritsemae Lansberge, Balthasar's synonymy of S. yunnana Arrow with S. tridens Sharp is revived, and the status of six recently described species is left unresolved because of insufficient data.


Coprini; Synapsis Bates; species groups; new synonyms; new species; keys to groups and species; Palearctic and Oriental regions

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