0182. Antlions of Hispaniola (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae)

Robert B. Miller, Lionel A. Stange


Twelve extant species of antlions are known from Hispaniola including four new species (Eremoleon petrophila, Eremoleon phasma, Purenleon nunezi, Purenleon woodruffi) and one new genus (Peruveleon). Five New World species are transferred into Peruveleon resulting in new combinations: Peruveleon bruneri (Alayo), Peruveleon camposi (Banks), Peruveleon dolichogaster (Navás), Peruveleon dorsalis (Banks), Peruveleon indiges (Walker). Vella fallax haitiensis Smith is considered a new synonym of Vella eggerti Esben-Petersen. Descriptions and records for the species are provided as well as keys to the adults and larvae. The larvae of eleven species were found and reared.

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