0241. Revision of African Parandrinae (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae)

Thierry Bouyer, Alain Drumont, Antonio Santos-Silva


A comprehensive revision of the Subfamily Parandrinae (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) from the Afrotropical Region is presented. Two new genera are described: Adlbauerandra and Meridiandra. The known species from the Afrotropical Region are excluded from Parandra Latreille, 1802, which resulted in the following new combinations: Acutandra beninensis (Murray, 1862), A. comoriana (Fairmaire, 1895), A. gabonica (Thomson, 1858), Adlbauerandra morettoi (Adlbauer, 2004) and Meridiandra capicola (Thomson, 1861). Eighteen new species are described: Acutandra amieti, A. barclayi, A. camiadei, A. dasilvai, A. delahayei, A. gaetani, A. garnieri, A. grobbelaarae, A. hugoi, A. jolyi, A. leduci, A. leonardi, A. lucasi, A. noellae, A. oremansi, A. plenevauxae, A. quentini, and A. vingerhoedti. The species Parandra comoriana Fairmaire, 1895 is revalidated and a lectotype is designated. Parandra beninensis Murray, 1862 and Parandra conradti Kolbe, 1893 are revalidated. A lectotype is designated for Parandra gabonica Thomson, 1858 as the designation by Quentin and Villiers (1975) was considered as invalid. Keys are presented to separate genera and all species of African Parandrinae from each other. Illustrations are provided for all the species including many special characters used in the keys.

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