0281. Henoticonus bouchardi Grouvelle transferred to Trogocryptoides Champion (Coleoptera: Salpingidae)

Paul Skelley


During a revision of the genus Pharaxonotha Reitter, 1875 (Coleoptera: Erotylidae) the study of the type of Henoticonus bouchardi Grouvelle, 1919 (Coleoptera: Erotylidae), considered to belong in Pharaxonotha, was found to be misplaced. Henoticonus bouchardi is transferred to the genus Trogocryptoides Champion, 1924 (Coleoptera: Salpingidae: Prostominiinae), becoming Trogocryptoides bouchardi (Grouvelle), new combination. A lectotype is designated for H. bouchardi to stabilize its identity and nomenclature.

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