0346. Two new synonyms in species of Pseudopyrochroa (Coleoptera: Pyrochroidae: Pyrochroinae).

Daniel K. Young


Examination of the type series of Schizotus gibbifrons Lewis 1887 and Pyrochroa higoniae Lewis 1895, together with examination of the historical Lewis collection of Pseudopyrochroa japonica (Heyden 1879), provide hints as to the conspecifi city of these binomials. This evidence, together with concurrent collection events spanning more than 100 years and general anatomy suggests Pseudopyrochroa japonica (Heyden 1879) and Pseudopyrochroa gibbifrons (Lewis 1887) are conspecific. Schizotus gibbifrons Lewis is proposed as a new junior synonym of Pyrochroa japonica Heyden, where it joins the established synonym, Pyrochroa higoniae Lewis (1895). Schizotus theresae Pic 1911 is also proposed as a new junior synonym of Pyrochroa basalis Pic 1906, where it joins a long list of synonyms. Complete synonymies are presented for both species

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