0356. A Catalog of Scolytidae and Platypodidae (Coleoptera), Supplement 3 (2000-2010), with notes on subfamily and tribal reclassifications.

Donald Bright


An argument is made for the retention of the family status of the Scolytidae and Platypodidae as members of the superfamily Curculionoidea. A new subfamily and tribal arrangement is proposed: SCOLYTIDAE comprising 13 subfamilies, Hylesininae, with 12 tribes, Hyorrhynchinae, with one tribe; Scolytinae, with one tribe; Hexacolinae, with one tribe; Cylindrobrotinae, with one tribe; Scolytoplatypodinae, with one tribe; Cactopininae, with one tribe; Carphodicticinae, with one tribe; Micracidinae, with one tribe; Crypturginae, with one tribe; Ipinae, with six tribes; Cryphalinae, with one tribe and Corthylinae, with two tribes and PLATYPODIDAE comprising three subfamilies, Coptonotinae, with three tribes; Tesserocerinae, with two tribes and Platypodinae, with one tribe.

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