0369. Correction of the misidentifications and confusion surrounding Ochodaeus grandiceps Fairmaire, 1897 (Coleoptera: Ochodaeidae), and the description of a new species of ochodaeid from Cuba.

M.J. Paulsen


Multiple sources of confusion surround the identity of Ochodaeus grandiceps Fairmaire, 1897, from Sichuan, China (Coleoptera: Ochodaeidae). Herein the type specimen is illustrated to solve these taxonomic issues. Examination of the holotype indicates that the species must be transferred to the genus Nothochodaeus Nikolajev, 2005, resulting in a new combination. The genus Mimochodaeus Nikolajev, 2009, based on a misidentifi cation of O. grandiceps as its purported type species, is discussed. Finally, Cuban specimens had been treated erroneously as belonging to O. grandiceps, and so the species had remained undescribed. A new species, Parochodaeus perdidus, is described to accommodate them.

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