Two new species, a new country record, and a key to the species of Aulonothroscus Horn (Coleoptera: Throscidae) from The Bahamas.

Paul J. Johnson


Two new species of Aulonothroscus Horn are described from The Bahamas and a third species is newly reported. Aulonothroscus inawa new species is described from Great Inagua and Aulonothroscus sibateo new species is described from Eleuthera. Aulonothroscus convergens (Horn) is reported from Andros, providing an island and new country record. These are the fi rst Aulonothroscus identifi ed to species from the Lucayan Archipelago and from a West Indies locality other than Guadeloupe. A key to the species of Bahamian Aulonothroscus is provided.

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