The Trichoptera of Panama. II. Ten new species of microcaddisflies (Trichoptera: Hydroptilidae).

Steven C. Harris, Brian J. Armitage


In the Republic of Panama, the family Hydroptilidae (Insecta: Trichoptera) is currently represented by 82 species distributed among 14 genera. In this publication we provide descriptions and illustrations for 10 new species of hydroptilids in the subfamily Hydroptilinae: Tribe Leucotrichiini—Zumatrichia teribe and Z. zegla; Tribe Neotrichiini—Neotrichia pamelae and N. parabullata; and, Tribe Ochrotrichiini—Metrichia nowaczyki, M. sencilla, Nothotrichia panama, Ochrotrichia abrelata, O. nimmoi, and O. pulgara. The genus Nothotrichia is recorded from Panama for the first time.

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