A revision of the biting midges in the Culicoides (Monoculicoides) nubeculosusstigma complex in North America with the description of a new species (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae).

William L. Grogan, Timothy J. Lysyk


This revision of the Nearctic biting midges in the Culicoides (Monoculicoides) nubeculosus-stigma complex recognizes four species: C. grandensis Grogan and Phillips, C. riethi Kieffer, C. stigma (Meigen) and C. shemanchuki, new species, from Alberta, Canada and North Dakota, USA. Culicoides stigma is recorded for the first time in the Nearctic region from Alberta, Canada. Culicoides gigas Root and Hoffman is a junior synonym of Culicoides riethi Kieffer (new synonym). A key is provided for the recognition of both sexes of the four North American species in the Culicoides (Monoculicoides) nubeculosus-stigma complex.

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