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Articles 0099-0105 (25 October 2009) 0099. New records of dynastine scarab beetles in the tribes Oryctini, Agaocephalini and Dynastini from Cayo district, Belize (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae) Abstract   PDF
Conrad P. D. T. Gillett
Articles 0099-0105 (25 October 2009) 0100. Xyloryctes Hope, 1837 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae: Oryctini) in the United States. Qui es et ubi fuisti et quo vadis? Abstract   PDF
Brett C. Ratcliffe
Articles 0099-0105 (25 October 2009) 0101. A revision of the genus Maracandula Currie (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae) Abstract   PDF
Robert B. Miller, Lionel A. Stange
Articles 0099-0105 (25 October 2009) 0102. Five new species of Peltonotus Burmeister (Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae: Cyclocephalini) from Southeast Asia Abstract   PDF
Mary Liz Jameson, Kaoru Wada
Articles 0099-0105 (25 October 2009) 0103. First record of Curius chemsaki Nearns and Ray, 2006 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Cerambycinae: Curiini) in Colombia Abstract   PDF
Eugenio H. Nearns, Ian P. Swift, Luis J. Joly
Articles 0099-0105 (25 October 2009) 0104. Contributions to the faunistics of Odonata in Thailand Abstract   PDF
Michael L. Ferro, Robert W. Sites, Akekawat Vitheepradit
Articles 0099-0105 (25 October 2009) 0105. The milliped family Tingupidae (Chordeumatida) on Kodiak Island, Alaska, USA, a geographically remote record of indigenous Diplopoda Abstract   PDF
Rowland M. Shelley, Michael F. Medrano, Kristiina Ovaska
Articles 0106-0108 (11 December 2009) 0106. The beetles of St. Lucia, Lesser Antilles (Insecta: Coleoptera): diversity and distributions Abstract   PDF
Stewart B. Peck
Articles 0106-0108 (11 December 2009) 0107. Generic reassignment of species in the tribe Cephaloleiini Chapuis, 1875 (Coleoptera: Cassidinae) Abstract   PDF
C. L. Staines
Articles 0106-0108 (11 December 2009) 0108. A new country record for Chrysina diversa (Ohaus, 1912) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Rutelinae) in Central America Abstract   PDF
Conrad P. D. T. Gillett
Articles 0109-0114 (22 January 2010) 0109. Mecidea longula Stal (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae: Pentatominae: Mecideini) is established in south Florida Abstract   PDF
Joseph E. Eger Jr., Thomas T. Dobbs
Articles 0109-0114 (22 January 2010) 0110. Natural history of Belonuchus Nordmann spp. and allies (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) in Heliconia L. (Zingiberales: Heliconiaceae) flower bracts Abstract   PDF
J. H. Frank, R. Barrera
Articles 0109-0114 (22 January 2010) 0111. Observations on the biology of the South African checkered beetle Aphelochroa sanguinalis (Westwood) (Coleoptera: Cleridae) Abstract   PDF
Jonathan R. Mawdsley, Hendrik Sithole
Articles 0109-0114 (22 January 2010) 0112. Micropsephodes bahamaensis , a new species of Anamorphinae (Coleoptera: Cucujoidea: Endomychidae) from the Bahamas, with a key to the New World genera of Anamorphinae Abstract   PDF
Floyd W. Shockley
Articles 0109-0114 (22 January 2010) 0113. A new Chilean species of Brontoliota Thomas (Coleoptera: Silvanidae: Brontinae: Brontini) Abstract   PDF
Michael C. Thomas
Articles 0109-0114 (22 January 2010) 0114. Preliminary report on the Myrmeleontidae (Neuroptera) of Paraguay Abstract   PDF
Lionel A. Stange
Articles 0115-0119 (12 March 2010) 0115. New species of Cerambycinae (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) from South America Abstract   PDF
Maria Helena M. Galileo, Ubirajara R. Martins
Articles 0115-0119 (12 March 2010) 0116. Occurrence of the milliped, Hiltonius carpinus carpinus Chamberlin, 1943 (Spirobolida: Spirobolidae), in the United States and new records from Mexico Abstract   PDF
Rowland M. Shelley
Articles 0115-0119 (12 March 2010) 0117. New species of Cydistomyia Taylor with notes and collection records for other Tabanidae (Diptera) from New Guinea Abstract   PDF
James T. Goodwin
Articles 0115-0119 (12 March 2010) 0118. Diversity and distribution of the scarab beetle tribe Phanaeini in the northern states of the Brazilian Northeast (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) Abstract   PDF
Conrad P. D. T. Gillett, Michael P. T. Gillett, James E.D.T. Gillett, Fernando Z. Vaz-de-Mello
Articles 0115-0119 (12 March 2010) 0119. The Anthonomus juniperinus group, with descriptions of two new species (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) Abstract   PDF
Wayne E. Clark, Horace R. Burke
Articles 0120-0123 (2 April 2010) 0120. A review of Lathropus Erichson (Coleoptera: Laemophloeidae) in Florida and the West Indies, excluding the Lesser Antilles Abstract   PDF
Michael C. Thomas
Articles 0120-0123 (2 April 2010) 0121. Occurrence of the Old World bug Megacopta cribraria (Fabricius) (Heteroptera: Plataspidae) in Georgia: a serious home invader and potential legume pest Abstract   PDF
J. E. Eger Jr., L. M. Ames, D. R. Suiter, T. M. Jenkins, D. A. Rider, S. E. Halbert
Articles 0120-0123 (2 April 2010) 0122. Nomenclatural notes on Chalepini and Sceloenopliini (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae Abstract   PDF
C. L. Staines
Articles 0120-0123 (2 April 2010) 0123. New taxa of Epiphloeinae Kuwert (Cleridae) and Chaetosomatidae Crowson (Coleoptera: Cleroidea) Abstract   PDF
Weston Opitz
Articles 0124-0128 (18 June 2010) 0124. Distribution of Abacion texense (Loomis, 1937), the only milliped species traversing the Rio Grande, Mississippi, and Pecos rivers (Callipodida: Abacionidae) Abstract   PDF
Chris T. McAllister, Rowland M. Shelley
Articles 0124-0128 (18 June 2010) 0125. An annotated list of the centipedes (Chilopoda) in the National Collection of Arachnids, Instituto de Biología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Abstract   PDF
Fabio Germán Cupul-Magaña
Articles 0124-0128 (18 June 2010) 0126. Three new species of Paragnorimus Becker from Central America (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae: Trichiini) with a redefinition of the genus Abstract   PDF
Andrew B. T. Smith
Articles 0124-0128 (18 June 2010) 0127. New species of Orizabus Fairmaire (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae: Pentodontini) from Mexico and Guatemala, with a revised key and checklist of the species in the genus Abstract   PDF
Brett C. Ratcliffe, Ronald D. Cave
Articles 0124-0128 (18 June 2010) 0128. Central American Temnocerus Thunberg, 1815 (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae) Abstract   PDF
R. W. Hamilton
Articles 0129-0130 (2 July 2010) 0129. A taxonomic review of the neotropical genus Coprophanaeus Olsoufieff, 1924 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae, Scarabaeinae) Abstract   PDF
W. D. Edmonds, J. Zidek
Articles 0129-0130 (2 July 2010) 0130. Revision of Hawaiian, Australasian, Oriental, and Japanese Parandrinae (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) Abstract   PDF
Antonio Santos-Silva, Daniel Heffern, Kiyoshi Matsuda
Article 0131 (13 August 2010) 0131. Checklist of the Cerambycidae (Coleoptera) of Costa Rica Abstract   PDF
Ian P. Swift, Larry G. Bezark, Eugenio H. Nearns, Angel Solis, Frank T. Hovore
Articles 0132-0139 (24 September 2010) 0132. The morphology of the labrum (epipharynx, ikrioma and aboral surface) of adult Aphodiini (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae), and its implications for systematics Abstract   PDF
Giovanni Dellacasa, Marco Dellacasa, Darren J. Mann
Articles 0132-0139 (24 September 2010) 0133. Neotrichaphodioides , new genus of Neotropical Aphodiini, with description of a new species from Peru (Scarabaeoidea: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae) Abstract   PDF
Marco Dellacasa, Giovanni Dellacasa, Paul E. Skelley
Articles 0132-0139 (24 September 2010) 0134. New species of the genus Cotycicuiara Galileo and Martins, 2008 (Cerambycidae, Lamiinae, Desmiphorini) Abstract   PDF
Ubirajara R. Martins, Maria Helena M. Galileo
Articles 0132-0139 (24 September 2010) 0135. A State Record for the Oconee Scorpionfly, Panorpa oconee Byers (Mecoptera: Panorpidae), in Florida Abstract   PDF
Louis A. Somma
Articles 0132-0139 (24 September 2010) 0136. The lace bug Cochlochila bullita (Stal) (Heteroptera: Tingidae), a potential pest of Orthosiphon stamineus Bentham (Lamiales: Lamiaceae) in Malaysia Abstract   PDF
Ahmad Said Sajap, Tan Li Peng
Articles 0132-0139 (24 September 2010) 0137. Fifteen new species of Sonoma Casey from the eastern United States and a description of the male of Sonoma tolulae (LeConte) (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae) Abstract   PDF
Michael L. Ferro, Christopher E. Carlton
Articles 0132-0139 (24 September 2010) 0138. Heterobostrychus hamatipennis Lesne (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) new to Florida Abstract   PDF
Robert Beiriger
Articles 0132-0139 (24 September 2010) 0139. The Dynastinae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) of the Cayman Islands (West Indies), with descriptions of Tomarus adoceteus , new species (Pentodontini) and Caymania nitidissima , new genus and species (Phileurini) Abstract   PDF
Brett C. Ratcliffe, Ronald D. Cave
Articles 0140-0147 (15 October 2010) 0140. Eight new state records of aleyrodine whiteflies found in Clark County, Nevada and three newly described taxa (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae, Aleyrodinae) Abstract   PDF
John W. Dooley III, Susan Lambrecht, Jeffrey Honda
Articles 0140-0147 (15 October 2010) 0141. Weevils of the genus Cercopeus Schoenherr from South Carolina, USA (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae) Abstract   PDF
Charles W. O'Brien, Janet C. Ciegler, Jennifer C. Giron
Articles 0140-0147 (15 October 2010) 0142. Review of Synapsis Bates (Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae: Coprini), with description of a new species Abstract   PDF
Jiri Zidek, Svatopluk Pokorny
Articles 0140-0147 (15 October 2010) 0143. Three new species of Chrysina Kirby (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae; Rutelinae) from Guatemala and Mexico Abstract   PDF
Jose Monzon Sierra
Articles 0140-0147 (15 October 2010) 0144. The beetles of the island of St. Vincent, Lesser Antilles (Insecta: Coleoptera); diversity and distributions Abstract   PDF
Stewart B. Peck
Articles 0140-0147 (15 October 2010) 0145. Polistes dominula (Christ, 1791) (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Polistinae) found in South Dakota, U.S.A. Abstract   PDF
Louis S. Hesler
Articles 0140-0147 (15 October 2010) 0146. Homophileurus neptunus Dechambre, a new junior synonym of H. waldenfelsi Endrodi (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae: Phileurini) Abstract   PDF   Reduced size PDF
Brett C. Ratcliffe, Jochen-P. Saltin
Articles 0140-0147 (15 October 2010) 0147. New records of biting and predaceous midges from Florida, including species new to the fauna of the United States (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) Abstract   PDF
William L. Grogan Jr., Lawrence J. Hribar, C. Steven Murphree, James E. Cilek
Article 0148 (29 October 2010) 0148. A taxonomic revision of Camptocerus Dejean (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) Abstract   PDF
Sarah M. Smith, Anthony I. Cognato
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