Response of cickpea germplasm lines to Heterodera ciceri attack

M. Di Vito, N. Greco, K. B. Singh, M. C. Saxena


Two thousand and one lines of Cicer arietinum and 20 lines of wild Cicer spp. were tested in a plastic-house for their reaction to infestation by Heterodera ciceri. Evaluation of root infestation using a 0-5 rating scale based on the number of females and cysts of the nematode occurring on the roots revealed that none of the lines was free of the nematode. However, 20 lines of C. arietinum were rated 2; 482 were rated 3 and 14994 or 5. Among wild species the lines of C. bijugum ILWC 8 and ILWC 34 were rated 2 and ILWC 7 rated 3 while all remaining lines were rated 4 or 5.

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