Longidorus alvegus sp. n. (Nematoda, Dorylaimida) From Portugal

F. Roca, M. J. Pereira, F. Lamberti


Specimens of Longidorus collected by Mr. M.M. de Matos at Alvega, Abrantes, province of Ribatejo, Portugal, were sent to the Istituto di Nematologia Agraria by Dr. Pereira as a suspected new species. Examination of this material confirmed Dr.Pereira's opinion and the species is described here as Longidorus alvegus sp. n. Nematodes were extracted from soil samples by the Cobb wet sieve technique, killed and fixed in 5% hot formalin and mounted in glycerin on nematology slides by the slow method. Specimens were measured with the aid of a camera lucida.

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