A scanning electron microscope study of juveniles of Acromoldavicus Nesterov (Nematoda: Cephalobidae) from Greece

S. Bostroem


SEM studies of juveniles of Acromoldavicus sp. from the island of Samos, Greece, provided new information on anterior organisation and external characters in general. They have three, thin, triangular-rounded labial probolae; six leaf-like cephalic probolae with acute extensions along the primary cephalic axils; a single acute, triangular guarding piece in ventral primary cephalic axil. The specimens differ from A. skriabini (Nesterov et Lisetzkaja, 1965) Nesterov, 1970 mainly in the absence of pointed, conoid thorns surrounding the stomatal aperture and in the number and length of guarding pieces in the cephalic axils.

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