Screening of Vicia faba for resistance to the 'giant race' of Ditylenchus dipsaci in Morocco

F. Abbad Andaloussi


Screenings for resistance to Ditylenchus dipsaci in Viciafaha were conducted in the field from 1990 to 1998 in Morocco. Two hundred thirty two cultivars of INRA-Morocco collection, seven resistant lines of germplasm of ICARDA (Syria), the line 29H of the INRA France and several landraces material from the collection of faba bean of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia were evaluated for their resistance to Moroccan populations of the nematode in field experiments with artificial inoculation. Seven cultivars of the collection of INRA-Morocco and eight landraces of faba bean of Maghreb region collection were resistant to the nematode. The resistant lines from ICARDA and the line INRA 29H were susceptible to the population of the "giant race" of D. dipsaci from Dar Bouazza.

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