Nematicidal activity of aqueous plant extracts on Xiphinema index

V. Insunza, E. Aballay, J. Macaya


Nematicidal activity of aqueous extracts prepared from 30 plant species was screened on a Chilean population of Xiphinema index. The extracts were tested at a standard concentration of 1:4 W IV in fresh plant material, or 1:20 W Iv in air-dried plant parts and at 25% and 12.5% of standard. Nematicidal activity was evaluated by nematode immobility after 24-48 hours immersion in the extracts, followed by 24 hI's in distilled water for eventual recovery of movement. Most of the plant extracts showed nematicidal or nematostatic activity, but this effect decreased in the lowest concentration. Nematode immobility was observed at 12.5% of standard with extracts from Chenopodium amhrosioides (tops and roots); Cosmos hipinnatus (tops); Chamomilla recutita (flowers); o.xalis rosea (whole plant); Vestia lycioides(leaves); and Zinnia elegans (roots).

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