Description of Cervidellus capricornis sp. n. (Nematoda: Cephalobidae) from Israel

O. Holovachov, S. Bostroem, A. Suslovshy, E. Nevo


Cervidellus capricornis sp. n. from Israel is described on the basis of studies by light and scanning electron microscopy. The new species is distinguished by a body length of 0.46-0.68 mm; cuticle with longitudinal incisures; lateral fields with four incisures; labial probolae bifurcated two-thirds of their length with a basal shallow, cup-shaped, abaxial swelling; asymmetrical lips with six tines; two slender, elongate guarding processes in each primary axil; corpus 2.1-3.0 times longer than isthmus; spermatheca 27.5-50.0 llm long; PUS 0.5-1.0 time vulval body width; and conical tail with acute terminus.

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