Xiphinema chambersi and Xiphinema naturale sp.n., two monodelphic longidorids (Nematoda, Dorylaimida) from Florida

F. Lamberti, F. de Luca, S. Molinari, L. W. Duncan, A. Agostinelli, M. I. Coiro, D. Dunn, V. Radicci


Measurements and illustrations of populations of Xiphinema chambersi Thorne, 1939 from Florida are provided, X. naturale sp,n" also from Florida, is described, Both species are characterized by isoelectrofocusing of superoxide dismutase isoforms profile and by genomic DNA PCR amplification with the ITS primers and digestion of the amplification products with restriction enzymes. X. cbambersi and X. naturale sp,n, are medium size (2 to 3 mm) mono delphic species with anterior vulva (V=23-25%) and elongate, conical tail.

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