New records of Bursaphelenchus spp. in Cyprus

H. Braasch, J. Philis


During a survey in November 1999, at several localities of Cyprus, 48 wood samples including cut wood from conifers showing damage or bad condition were examined for the presence of Bursaphelenchus species. B. leoni was found in Pinus nigra and P. bmtia, and B. teratospiClilaris and B. idius in P. brutia. B. borealis and B. sexdentati had already being found on P. brutia in a survey during 1995, but their presence was not reported. Apart from B. leoni, the Bursaphelenchus species recorded herewith are new records for Cyprus. The dangerous pine wood nematode (E. xylophilus) was not found. The vectors of this nematode, Monochamlls spp., are known not to occur in Cyprus.

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