The genus Xiphinema in South Africa XXVII. Xiphinema zyzy sp.n. and X. louisi Heyns, 1979 (Nematoda: Longidoridae)

J. Heyns, A. Swart


Xiphinema zyzy sp. n. is described from the Northern Province, South Africa. It is characterised by a medium-sized slightly ventrally curved body, didelphic sexual system with vulva slightly before or at middle of body, weakly developed pseudo-z-organ, spines in uterus, female tail elongate-conoid and male tail digitate. It belongs in Loof and Luc's (1990) group 5, and is compared with X. rarum Heyns, X. theresiae Stocker et Kruger and X. malagasi Luc. New information including descriptions of J2 and J3 as well as distribution records are given for X. louisi Heyns.

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