Reproduction and longevity of Xiphinema vulgare (Nematoda)

M. I. Coiro, F. Lamberti, N. Sasanelli, L. W. Duncan, A. Agostinelli


Development from egg to adult in a population of Xiphinema vulgare from Florida took ca. 274 days under Swingle citrumelo in a laboratory study carried out at 24 ± 2 DC and 12 h day length. This result was equivalent to 1,216 day degrees (DD) above a minimum daily threshold temperature of 20 DC. Female longevity was slightly more than 20 months, equivalent to 2,432 DD and reproductive span ca. 13 months. Between month 3 and month 20 a single female produced a 34 progeny, equivalent to 46 DD above 20 DC per progeny. Swingle citrumelo does not seem to be a good host for X. vulgare.

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