Saffron stain for differentiating live and dead nematodes

S. T. Chandel


Aqucolls alkaline and alcohol ic extracts of stigmas of flowers of saffron (Crocus sa/ivlIs) at (U-l % w/v srained dead nematodes to bright orange or yellowish colour at room te.l11p(!rature within one [0 [wo hrs exposure depending on the c;(1nC(!lltralion of the extracr, but live nematodes were unstained. Nematodes killed by heal OJ different chemicals were similarly stain ed and w re nor destaincd when tran,ferred to rap warer for several hours, thus allowing sufficiem time for obse rvation. Live nematodes w<.:rc neither killed nor inactivated. T he saffron alcohol extract gave rhe bener result. The colour conrras! was enhanced when viewe I in fluorcscent white transmitted light.

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