Nematodes from Italian sand dunes. 6. Two new and three rare species of Cephalobidae (Nematoda)

L. Orselli, M. T. Vinciguerra


During a nematode survey of the coastal sand dunes of Sicily (Italy) two new and three rare species of Cephalobidae were found, which are described and illustrated. Chiloplacus insularis sp. n. is characterized by labial probolae distally concave, lateral fields with five incisures, long post-vulval sac and rounded tail terminus. Cervidellus psammophilus sp. n. is mainly characterized by the shape of labial probolae, which bifurcate twice, and by the strongly crenate lateralĀ·fields. Notbacrobeles sheri Allen et Noffsinger, 1971 and Paracrobeles psammopbllus Navarro et Lluch, 1999, found for the first time after their specific recognition, are redescribed. Males of Stegelleta ophioglossa Andrassy, 1967 are described for the first time.

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