Controlling parasitic nematodes in an established vineyard in Cyprus

J. Philis


In an established vineyard the nematicides cadusafos and carbofuran, at the rates of 2.5 g and 3.5 g a.i. per plant, respectively, controlled Xiphinema index, Mesocriconema xenoplax and Paratylenchus hamatus and increased yields. On an overall three-year basis, cadusafos reduced the total number of all three species near the root zone between 60.2 to 70.7 per cent while carbofuran was inferior, reducing nematode numbers by only 2l.2 per cent, respectively, as compared to the untreated control. In the cadusafos treated plots commerciable yields were significantly increased by 20.7 -2l.9 per cent while in the carbofuran treated plots yields were increased by only 10.7 per cent.

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