Integrated management of root-knot nematodes using agrochemicals, organic matter and the antagonistic fungus, Paecilomyces lilacinus in natural field soil

P. Oduor-Owino


A glasshouse trial was conducted to ascertain the effects of organic amendments, aldicarb and captafol (Orthodifolatan 80% WP) on integrated management and parasitic potential of Paecilomyces lilacinus against Meloidogyne javanica eggs in the field. Tomato cv. Moneymaker plants were used as the host for the nematode. Chicken manure and organic matter from antagonistic plants Tagetes minuta, Ricinus communis, and Datura stramonium stimulated the parasitism of M, javanica eggs while the fungicide captafol inhibited it. The galling index and the population of juveniles were lower in soils treated with aldicarb or any of the four organic materials. The smallest galling index, number of galls and nematode population were in soils treated with aldicarb in combination with P. lilacinus. Soils amended with organic additives supported plants with significantly heavier shoots than untreated controls.

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