Xiphinema parasimile sp.n. from Serbia and X. simile, first record from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Nematoda, Dorylaimida)

L. Barsi, F. Lamberti


Xiphinema parasimile, a new putative X. americanum group species is described from Serbia. X. parasimile sp. n. is a monosexual didelphic species with four juvenile stages, and it is characterized by body length of ca. 2 mm, lip region set off from body profile, odontostyle length of ca. 70 pm, ca. 55% V and conical, dorsally convex, ventrally almost straight or slightly concave, tail with pointed terminus. Measurements of populations of X. simile Lamberti, Choleva et Agostinelli, 1983 from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia are also provided.

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