Reaction of some tetraploid banana hybrids to Radopholus similis

V. Krishnamoorthy, N. Kumar, K. Poornima


The reactions of 18 new synthetic tetraploid banana hybrids and five parental banana cultivars to Radopholus similis were studied under field conditions. H-02-19, H-02-21, H-02-22, H-02-23, H-02-36, Pisang Lilin and Eraichivazhai were resistant. Among the resistant hybrids, H-02-21 recorded significantly higher bunch weights over its parents and other hybrids. H-02-30, H-02-35 and Red Banana were susceptible and H-02-32 and Robusta were highly susceptible. Karpooravalli and the remaining hybrids were moderately resistant. The resistant hybrids H-02-19, H-02-21, H-02-22, and H-02-23 and the parent cultivars Pisang Lilin and Eraichivazhai had higher contents of total and ortho dihydric phenol, and higher activities of phenylalanine ammonia lyase and polyphenol oxidase.

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