First record of Heterodera filipjevi in Norway

R. Holgado, S. Andersson, J. A. Rowe, C. Magnusson


During the years 1995 to1999 a survey was carried out to study the occurrence of Heterodera spp. in cereals in Norway. Cereal cyst nematodes were found widespread in all the principal cereal growing areas. A formerly unidentified species of cereal cyst nematode, belonging to the" Heterodera avenae complex", is recorded for the first time, heavily parasitising winter rye in the Sandefjord region. Comparative studies, including morphology, protein variability and virulence pattern, of two Norwegian populations with known Swedish H. avenae and H. filipjevi populations confirmed the presence of Heterodera filipjevi (Madzhidov, 1981) Stelter, 1984 in Norway and constitutes a new geographical record. The pathotype tests demonstrated that the two populations were closest to the Swedish pathotype "West".

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