Nematicidal activities in artemisinin analogues

R. Pandey, T. Singh, R. S. Bhakuni, S. K. Gupta, Ritu R. Gupta, A. Kalra


Different artemisinin analogues, viz. 8 and B-artemether, B-artepropylether, B-artebutylether, B-artebenzylether, artesunic acid, artepropionate, artechloroacetate and artebenzoate, were tested at the rate of 1000 ppm for their nematicidal and hatching inhibitory activities against Meloidogyne incognita. The maximum nematicidal activity was recorded in artechloroacetate, followed by B-artepropylether, 8 and B-artemether, B-artebutylether, B-artebenzylether, and the least in artepropionate and artesunic acid. Maximum egg hatching inhibitory activity was recorded in B-artepropylether followed by other analogues. This is the first experimental demonstration of the nematicidal effects of these compounds.

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