New and known species of Belondiridae from Costa Rica

A. Shaheen, W. Ahmad


Two new and two known species belonging to the family Belondiridae are described from Costa Rica. Belondira tropica sp. n. is characterized by having 0.85-0.91 mm long body, unsclerotized labial region, pharynx expanding behind its mid-point, short anterior uterine branch, and clavate tail with distinct radial striae. Amphibelondira bongersi sp. n. represents the second species of the rare genus, and is characterized by having 1.07-1.12 mm long body, lip region offset with amalgamated lips, sclerotized vestibule, 12.5 μm long odontostyle, amphidelphic gonad, and short hemispheroid tail. Belondira apitica Thorne, 1939 and B. cylindrica Thorne, 1964 are reported for the first time from Costa Rica.

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