Trichodorid nematodes in the central area of Chile

E. Aballay, B. Eriksson


A survey was conducted to study the occurrence and distribution of species within the family Trichodoridae (Nematoda: Triplonchida) in six regions of Chile. Ca. 1100 soil samples were analysed, covering the main areas of the Central Valley. Soil samples were collected from vineyards, citrus, tomato, potato, garlic, apple and plum trees, cereals, flowers, pastures and natural vegetation. Trichodorid nematodes were recorded in 15.5% of the samples. Six species were identified, viz. Paratrichodorus minor, P. pachydermus, P. porosus, P. teres, P. allius and Trichodorus primitivus. Paratrichodorus minor had the widest distribution. Soil type and texture seemed not to have significant effects on the trichodorid densities.

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