Management of root-knoot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita, on okra and lentil by soil amendment with oil cakes and leaves of different plants

A. H. Wami


An investigation was undertaken to ascertain the effect of soil amendments with oil cakes of castor and neem and leaves of castor, Persian lilac/bakain and neem, alone and in combination, on Meloidogyne incognita, plant growth and chlorophyll content of okra and lentil and Rhizobium root nodulation of lentil. In general, all treatments significantly reduced root galling and improved plant growth and chlorophyll content, except when treatment was with castor leaf alone. Performance was improved when the amendments were combined. Neem cakes combined with the other soil amendments gave the best nematode control and plant growth. All treatments increased root nodulation of lentil.

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