Catalase and superoxide dismutase isozymes of Indian species of Steinernema (Nematoda: Steinernematidae)

S. Ganguly, J. Pandey, K. S. Rathour


Profiles of catalase isozymes from infective juveniles of six indigenous Steinernema spp., obtained by mini slab gel polyacrylamide electrophoresis, revealed species-specific enzyme phenotypes for S. thermophilum, characterized by four bands. Steinernema glaseri showed two species-specific bands of different Rf values. The banding patterns of S. carpocapsae, S. siamkayai, an unidentified strain (IARI-EPN-mg1) and S. riobrave appeared similar, showing only the same isozyme band. Superoxide dismutase profiles also revealed species-specific phenotypes for S. thermophilum (three bands), S. carpocapsae (three bands) and S. glaseri (one marked band). Steinernema siamkayai, S. riobrave and the unidentified strain all showed two isozyme bands of the same Rf values. The combination of catalase and superoxide dismutase isozyme profiles from infective juveniles could be useful for the differentiation of Steinernema species.

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