A literature review on the occurrence of nematodes of the family Longidoridae in Greece

E. A. Tzortzakakis, V. Peneva, D. J. F. Brown, A. D. Avgelis


Information on the occurrence of longidorid nematodes in Greece is compiled from literature and unpublished data of the authors. Five species of Xiphinema (X. americanum, X. diversicaudatum, X. index, X. italiae, X. pachtaicum), nine of Longidorus (L. africanus, L. closelongatus, L. cretensis, L. elongatus, L. euonymus, L. fasciatus, L. intermedius, L. pisi, L. proximus) and one of Paralongidorus (P. maximus) have been reported to occur in Greece. Their association with two nepoviruses has also been reported. Comments are provided on records of doubtful validity.

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