Description of two new species of rare genera (Nematoda: Dorylaimoidea) from Rajasthan, India

P. Bohra, R. Sultana


Two new species of nematodes collected from soil around roots of weeds and Phaseolus sp. are described and illustrated. Torumanawa shinensis sp. n. is characterized by L = 1.4-1.6 mm, a = 42.2-54.2, b = 4.3-4.8, c = 38.2-50.3, c’ = 1.3-2.0, V = 50.1-52.5, expanded lip region, ventrally curved odontophore, amphidelphic females with unsclerotised vagina, and convexconoid tail with slight dorsal depression near rounded tip. Mylodiscus mognus sp. n. is characterized by L = 0.85-1.0 mm, a = 32.5-32.8, b = 3.7-4.4, c = 33.8-42.1, c’ = 1.4-1.5, V = 47.9-50.9, odontostyle 9-10 μm long, abrupt pharyngeal expansion, pre-rectum length 1.2 times anal body diameter, and tail longer than one anal body diameter.

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