Re-description of Koerneria filicaudata (Khera, 1970) Andrássy, 1984 and first report of its male

M. D. Mahamood, I. Ahmad


The males of Koerneria filicaudata (Khera, 1970) Andrássy, 1984 are described for the first time. They are usually smaller than the females and have four additional cephalic setae. Spicules are slender, somewhat setose and strongly curved. Gubernaculum is boat-shaped with a sleeve at the distal end. Nine pairs of genital papillae; three pairs pre-cloacal, six pairs post-cloacal. Tail long and filiform, divisible into two parts, a short conoid part and a long filamentous part. Most measurements and morphometric values agree with the original description. The structure of the stoma has been clarified and information added on the nature of cuticle, vulva, phasmid and pharyngeo-intestinal junction.

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