Distribution of the rice white tip nematode, Aphelenchoides besseyi, in rice growing areas in the Thrace region of Turkey

A. Tulek, S. Cobanoglu


A study was conducted to determine the distribution of Aphelenchoides besseyi and its effect on yield components in the rice growing areas of the Thrace region of Turkey. Ninety paddy seed samples were collected in 2007 and 62 in 2008. Analysis showed that 18.8% and 43% of fields, in 2007 and 2008, respectively, were infested. In the infested samples, nematode densities were in the range 9-20,600 specimens/100 g of paddy seed. There was a significant negative correlation between the density of A. besseyi specimens in infected seed samples and the weight of 1000 grains in 2008. The effect of A. besseyi on the susceptible cv. Halilbey showed that panicles with white tip symptoms were significantly shorter (27.1%) and lighter (60.7%) than those without white tip symptoms.

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