Influence of brick-kiln dust on penetration and development of Meloidogyne javanica in eggplant roots and its impact on plant growth and yield

R. Rizvi, A. A. Khan


Soil amendments with different proportions (5-50%) of brick-kiln dust were assessed for their effects on penetration and development of Meloidogyne javanica juveniles in roots of eggplant and on plant growth and yield, in comparison with inoculated or non-inoculated non-amended soil. All brick-kiln dust levels suppressed the penetration of the juveniles into the roots and their further development to older stages. The least plant growth and yield occurred in soil inoculated and non-amended. Brick-kiln dust amendment improved plant growth and increased yield components of eggplant, compared to inoculated soil, with the largest yield observed at the 30% level which was even significantly more than the yield in non-inoculated soil. Thus, brick-kiln dust can be used as an eco-friendly nematicide-cum-non-conventional fertilizer up to the 30% level.

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