First report of three known species of the genus Aulolaimus (Nematoda: Aulolaimidae) from Iran

Sh. Moslehi, G. Niknam, M. Ashrafi


Three known species of the genus Aulolaimus, namely A. oxycephalus Meyl, 1954, A. mowhitius (Yeates, 1967) Jairajpuri et Hooper, 1968 and A. nannocephalus Andrassy, 1972, collected from soil samples taken from Arasbaran forests, East-Azarbaijan province and Urmia, West-Azarbaijan province, Iran, are reported herein. The Iranian populations of the three species reported agree with the original and re-descriptions although some morphometric differences were observed. This is the first record of occurrence of the genus and its species from the country.

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