New data of two rare species of the family Aulolaimoididae (Dorylaimida) from Iran

M. Pedram, E. Pourjam, R. Pena-Santiago


Adenolaimus tropicus and Oostenbrinkia parva, two known members of the rare family Aulolaimoididae, collected in natural areas in northern Iran, are described in detail and illustrated, including SEM pictures. Iranian populations are very similar morphometrically to type ones of both species, only known to occur in Costa Rica and India, respectively, but the ranges of measurements and ratios are significantly widened. New relevant morphological features for their characterization are herein presented, such as the presence of a perioral, disc-like structure at the lip region and the first description of the male in both species. SEM pictures are presented for the first time for the genera Adenolaimus and Oostenbrinkia.

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