Vol. 8, No. 2 (1980)

Table of Contents


Indagini preliminari su una possibile interazione tra Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. albedinis e Meloidogyne incognita su Palma da dattero PDF
N. Greco, G. Surico, F. Lamberti
Observations on the morphology of Belonolaiminae PDF
M. R. Sauer, M. W. Brzeski, R. N. Chapman
Yield response of tomato to nematicidal treatments in soil infested by Meloidogyne javanica in Sri Lanka PDF
F. Lamberti, H. M. Rohini, E. Ekanayake, F. Zacheo, M. B. Abeykoon
Rotylenchus cypriensis sp. n. (Nematoda: Hoplolaimidae) from Cyprus PDF
Maria Antoniou
Observations on some Xiphinema species found in Brazil (Nematoda: Dorylaimoidea) PDF
L. C.C.B. Ferraz
Cytological changes induced by the stem nematode Ditylenchus dipsaci in strawberry leaves PDF
T. Bleve-Zacheo, G. Zacheo, M. T. Melillo, F. Lamberti, O. Arrigoni
Xiphinema species in Iranian vineyards PDF
H. Mojtahedi, D. Sturhan, A. Akhiani, Shapour Barooti
Response of soybean cultivars to infection by Meloidogyne incognita and Rhizobium japonicum alone and in combination PDF
I. Y. Trabulsi, M. A. Ali, M. E. Abd-Elsamea
Déscription de Macroposthonia ritteri n. sp. et étude d'une population de M. curvata et de trois populations de Nothocriconema mutabile (Criconematidae: Tylenchida) provenant de Cordoba, Argentine PDF
M. E. Doucet
Effect of seed treatments with certain oilcakes or nematicides on the growth of tomato and on rhizosphere population of nematodes and fungi PDF
S. P. Singh, Masood Ahmad, A. M. Khan, S. K. Saxena
Comparision of nematicides applied as root-dips or soil drenches for the control of Meloidogyne incognita on tomato PDF
Sudesh Ahuja
Effect of nematicidal treatments against Meloidogyne incognita on mung (Phaseolus aureus) and on bacterial nodulation PDF
P. K. Sakhuja, Inderjit Singh
Longidorus juvenilis Dalmasso (Nematoda, Longidoridae) in Italia PDF
Alba Cotroneo, F. Moretti, G. Mancini
Effects of root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita infection on the peroxidase and polyphenoloxidase activities in the roots of selected vegetable crops PDF
Sudesh Ahuja, S. P. Ahuja
Xiphinema bajaj nom. nov. for Xiphinema luci Bajaj et Jairajpuri, 1979 (Nematoda: longidoridae) PDF
M. Shamim Jajrajpuri, Franco Lamberti