Multiplicacion In vitro de Ditylenchus dipsaci en Tejidos de Medicago sativa

I. Philippi, G. Pichard


Cultures of Ditylenchus dipsaci where reared on alfalfa tissues. The method consists of feeding nematodes on an alfalfa substrate established on nutrient media with combinations of different hormones. Several tests were carried out under aseptic conditions and in growth chambers to determine the adequate hormone levels and illumination necessary for maximun reproduction of D. dipsaci. The Blaydes' and modified White's media, using various hormone concentrations, resulted in greater in vitro multiplication of D. dipsaci on alfalfa callus and differentiated tissues, respectively. High proliferation was also obtained in the absence of hormones with White's modified media, a situation that can be used for screening resistant alfalfa genotypes.


Alfalfa; Ditylenchus dipsaci; Medicago sativa; In vitro Reproduction; Resistance

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