Helicotylenchus macrostylus n. Sp. (Hoplolaimidae: Nemata) from French Guiana with Notes on Three Known Species

M. Marais, P. Queneherve


Helicotylenchus macrostylus n. sp. is characterized by body length (853-1150 m in females and 811-964 m in males), stylet length (42-45 m in females), tail length (13-24 m in females and 20-27 m in males), and posterior position of the excretory pore (179-211 m from front in females). Helicotylenchus dihystera Cobb, 1893) Sher, 1961, H. erythrinae (Zimmermann, 1904) Golden, 1956, and H. pseudorobustus (Steiner, 1914) Golden, 1956 are new records for French Guiana. Morphometric data are given for these 3 species.


French Guiana; Geographic Distribution; Helicotylenchus; Nematodes; Taxonomy

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