Vol. 28, No. 2 (December 1998)

Table of Contents


Front Matter PDF
Abstracts of the XXX Annual Meeting of Onta 11-16 Octubre (October) 1998, Mendoza, Argentina PDF
Editors 119-150
Review: An Overview of Nematological Problems in Cuba PDF
Modesto Fernandez Diaz-Silveira, Jose Ortega Herrera 151-163
Research: Comportamiento de Diferentes Especies Vegetales a la Invasion y Desarrollo de Nacobbus aberrans (Thorne, 1935), Thorne and Allen, 1944 PDF
L. Cespedez, J. Franco, R. Montalvo 165-171
Review: Effect of Fresh and Dry Organic Amendments on Meloidogyne arenaria in Greenhouse Experiments PDF
C. H. S. P. Ritzinger, R. McSorley 173-185
Research: Host Suitability of Selected Tropical Legumes and Other Crops for the Reniform Nematode, Rotylenchulus reniformis Linford & Oliveira, 1940 PDF
R. Rodriguez-Kabana, W. S. Gazaway, D. W. Weaver, P. S. King, C. F. Weaver 195-203
Research: Effects of a Low Rate of Aldicarb on Soybean and Associated Pest Interactions in Fields Infested with PDF
S. R. Koenning, H. D. Coble, J. R. Bradley, K. R. Barker, D. P. Schmitt 205-211
Research: Host Status and Green Manure Effect of Selected Crops on Meloidogyne chitwoodi Race 2 and Pratylenchus neglectus PDF
S. Al-Rehiayani, S. Hafez 213-230
Research: Observations on the Polinucleate Esophageal Glands of Rotylenchus magnus jaeni Castillo et al., 1994 Juveniles With Comments on the Morphology of a Population of R. agnetis szczygiel, 1968 from Italy PDF
N. Vovlas, A. Troccoli, P. Castillo 231-240
Research: Burrowing-Nematode Resistance of Black Sigatoka Resistant Banana Hybrids PDF
D. H. Marin, T. B. Sutton, K. R. Barker, D. T. Kaplan, C. H. Opperman 241-247
Research: Relationships Between Soil Chemical Status, Soil Nematode Community, and Sustainability Indices PDF
L. Porazinska, R. McSorley, L. W. Duncan, R. N. Gallaher, T. A. Wheaton, L. Parsons 249-262
Research Note: Seasonal Changes in Citrus Fibrous Root Starch Concentration and Body Length of Female Pratylenchus coffeae PDF
Duncan, L. W.; Inserra, R. N.; Dunn, D. 263-266
Back Matter PDF
Research: Plant-Parasitic Nematodes Associated with Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) in the Pinar del Rio Province of Cuba PDF
Martin Perez, Emilio Fernandez 187-193