About the Journal

The Owl is a peer-reviewed publication of research articles written by Florida State University undergraduates. The journal exhibits the intellectual pursuits of outstanding undergraduates, from all academic disciplines, who have sought answers to new questions within their respective disciplines through undergraduate research.

This is a publication of the Student Council for Undergraduate Research and Creativity (SCURC) and is sponsored the Student Government Association.

This journal aims to educate and promote an inter-disciplinary exchange of ideas through the publication of the research conducted by outstanding undergraduates in the FSU community. Our mission is to provide the university with a printed journal that showcases the heterogeneity of our emerging scholars and establishes undergraduate research at this top-tier research university. 

Named The Owl, after the original seal employed from 1851 to 1901 by West Florida Seminary, the journal is anchored in the history of our institution, but showcases our beloved university’s brightest minds of today, with a sharp eye to the future. Just as the name of the journal connects Florida State to its heritage, the image on the cover reminds us of our past and leads us to a promising future as we attempt to inspire the next generation of undergraduate researchers at Florida State.

Mailing Address

Honors, Scholars, and Fellows House
Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement (CRE)
127 Honors Way, Suite 3002
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1234